Anders Qvist Nielsen

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Pencil on paper. 32 x 45 cm.
Anders Qvist Nielsen’s piece “Angry Drawing” takes place in a self-inflicted fit of rage, where the artist uses physical anger to penetrate the filter artist and the viewer. Black zigzag lines display obvious traces of the outbreak experiment. The circle shaped holes of the drawings reminds us that the drawing is, to a certain extent, a thin surface. The piece is a membrane, a filter, where a sensation sticks to the surface. Simultaneously, the angry drawings are the result of a performative action. They are produced in front of an audience, who have been instructed to only perceive the anger outbreak through a mirror which creates a distance, which in itself is a point. Both the piece and the anger are parts of an ongoing game we constantly perform for each other and the anger is, as well as with art works, an opportunity to cut through pretense and compromises, in order to see things again.

Theis Vallø Madsen, ph.d., art historian

QWERTY Salvation at Exchange Berlin 2018 'Angry Drawing'